KYBELLA® is the only FDA approved injection used to eliminate stubborn fat called “submental fat” located under the chin. Typically, this region is commonly referred to as the “double chin”. The double chin is a pesky area to get rid of. The double chin is not always due to being overweight, genetics can also play a large role as well. Seeing as there are few alternatives to getting rid of this problem KYBELLA® is the only solution that does not require down time, surgery or scars.

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CareCredit helps make it easy for people to get the care they want and need, right when they need it, without having to delay treatment or appointments.

We are excited to announce that we now accept CareCredit! Thousands of times each day, people are using their CareCredit health, wellness and beauty credit card to have important dental work done, be fitted with new hearing aids, have vision or cosmetic procedures, and get care for a beloved family pet.

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Recently Dr. Murphy and his senior resident from the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Stephanie Nemir, presented a paper they authored at the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons. The paper won First Place in the Scientific Section for their work on Emerging Antibiotic Resistance in Leech-Associated Aeromonas Infections. Dr. Nemir was also awarded the Cronin Award, for the best presentation by a senior resident. Coincidentally, Dr. Murphy also won the 2003 Cronin Award for his work on tendon graft substitutes.

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