Say goodbye to your “Double Chin” with KYBELLA®


What is KYBELLA®?

KYBELLA® is the only FDA approved injection used to eliminate stubborn fat called “submental fat” located under the chin. Typically, this region is commonly referred to as the “double chin”. The double chin is a pesky area to get rid of. The double chin is not always due to being overweight, genetics can also play a large role as well. Seeing as there are few alternatives to getting rid of this problem KYBELLA® is the only solution that does not require down time, surgery or scars.

How does it work?

KYBELLA® is injected by Dr. Murphy directly into the “submental fat” or “double chin”. As a result, the fat is then destroyed and the double chin will appear smaller. Once these fat cells are destroyed you will no longer be able to store fat in that region. With that being said, it is best to do multiple sessions in order to achieve maximum results.

Does it Hurt?

Dr.Murphy will numb the area with a topical lidocaine cream to help aid in any pain you might feel during the injection process. After KYBELLA® is injected it is common for the injection site to be sore, slightly swollen and possibly bruised. However, there is no downtime or scarring involved like there is with liposuction. Any bruising should be minor and easily covered with a little make up.

How much does it cost?

At this time Pearwood Plastic Surgery is offering 2 vials of KYBELLA® for the price of 1 $999. This will cover your first and second session easily. However, additional sessions might be required depending on the amount of fat that was originally located underneath the chin.

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