The hand has 27 bones and a number of veins, muscles, arteries, tendons, nerves, and ligaments. Pain can occur in any part of the hand, and depending on the underlying cause of the pain, there are different hand surgical procedures that can be performed. These include carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, and ganglion cyst removal.


Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of the breasts and repositions the nipple and areola for proportionate results. Breast reduction patients are some of the happiest cosmetic surgery patients because this procedure lessens the strain caused by larger breasts. Neck, back, and shoulder pain will be alleviated and women can workout with ease.


Pearwood Plastic Surgery offers a 1-hour facial customized to your very own specific skin type and skin care needs. First, we perform a skin type analysis under a woods lamp. Skin types include Dry, Oily, Combo, Sensitive, Aged and Acne. After your esthetician determines your skin type your products will be chosen accordingly. The point of a facial is to not only relax but also to treat your skin to a deep cleanse and exfoliation to rid your face of dirt, oil and toxins.


Aside from his in-depth knowledge of the hand/wrist anatomy and his decades of experience, Dr. Murphy is one of the only surgeons who can perform endoscopic carpal and cubital tunnel release. Most other surgeons only perform the open technique which is not always necessary. The open technique results in a larger scar and more pain. Additionally, Dr. Murphy is honest. He will let you know if you only need splints or steroid injections to alleviate your symptoms.

What is skin cancer surgery?

There are several techniques of skin cancer removal that can be preformed during Mohs surgery. When removing the skin cancer the treatment plan usually depends on the type of cancer and location on the patients body. It is always best to consult with your surgeon and dermatologist so they may coordinate a customized surgery plan in order to achieve the best results.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is usually done by a specialty surgeon with advanced training. The surgeon will remove the skin cancer layer by layer and analyze the tissue under a microscope. Each layer is removed until all of there are no cancerous cells remaining. This is where Dr.Murphy comes in to make sure the tissue is removed properly and the wound is closed up in a aesthetically pleasing way. On occasion so much tissue is removed that a patient requires special closure in order to heal naturally with minimum scaring without any deformities.

Scar Revision

Scar revision usually takes place after a biopsy, skin scraping or Mohs surgery was preformed but left the patient feeling unsatisfied by their physical appearance.

As a focal point and anchor of your facial structure, the nose plays a subtle, but important role in your appearance and overall facial harmony. Without balance and proportion of the nose, the rest of your appearance may be thrown off. The rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery, can realign your facial harmony and create a balanced and beautiful facial structure.

With each passing year, gravity, the sun, genetics, smoking, and other environmental factors all take their toll on our skin. Our aging skin develops more fine lines and wrinkles and our faces slowly lose youthful volume. Skin laxity diminishes, contributing to the appearance of jowls and a heavy, sagging jawline. Unfortunately, many cosmetic procedures do not adequately address this degree of facial aging. A Facelift is a surgical procedure that corrects facial wrinkles and sagging, drooping skin by tightening the skin and underlying facial muscles. Facelifts are performed with small, easily concealed scars: a facelift is a long-lasting, undetectable way to address loose and wrinkled skin. Patients enjoy a more youthful, healthy facial appearance, for years to come!

What is Eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is the removal of fat,excess skin or the creation of an upper eyelid crease. There many different types of eyelid surgeries that can be done. For patients who desire a more youthful appearance an upper eyelid or lower eyelid surgery can be preformed.

Upper EyeLid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery is the process of removing  loose or sagging  skin on the upper eye-lid. This procedure is also popular for patients looking to achieve an upper eye-lid crease as well. This particular surgery lasts up to 7 to 10 years depending on the patients age, race and skin elasticity.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Lower eyelid surgery is the process of removing loose skin or fat located on the lower eye-lid. This procedure is popular for patients looking to achieve a more youthful appearance. Lower eyelid surgery results are long lasting and do not require additional surgery unless a revision required.

Dermal fillers are an effective, minimally invasive option for patients who want to correct the lines, folds, and depressions in their aging skin, and achieve natural-looking results, without surgery.


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