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Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’ve worked and strived to achieve a bigger butt and curvier figure, but have only seen limited results, the Brazilian butt lift can be just the thing you need.

Curves are all the rage today. Years back, everything was about slimming and thinning, but we’ve evolved, and now we know that a beautiful body can be a shapelier, curvy body. More and more people are looking to achieve a lifted, curvier and more defined backside. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, you can have the figure you’ve always wanted.

Pearwood Plastic Surgery - Brazillian Butt Lift

Sculpting, shaping, and lifting are the hallmarks of the Brazilian Butt Lift. Even with a healthy lifestyle, and intense exercise routines, you may not be able to achieve your body goals. Squats can only do so much. There are limitations to how much you can impact your natural body shape just on your own.

If you’ve worked and strived to achieve a bigger butt and curvier figure, but have only seen limited results, the Brazilian butt lift can be just the thing you need.


The Brazilian Butt Lift is a buttocks enhancement procedure that adds natural volume to the behind using the patient’s own fat. This technique has become widely popular over the recent years and is much more desirable than buttock implants for many people. This is because this procedure eliminates the need for synthetic materials and is entirely natural.

Pearwood Plastic Surgery - Brazillian Butt Lift

The fat that is used for this procedure is most commonly taken from the thighs, lower back, and abdomen. The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the hottest new cosmetic procedures, experiencing nearly a 30 percent increase in recent years. Tens of thousands of patients have chosen this procedure and come away satisfied. The technique is a combination of two techniques: liposuction and fat transfer, which have both been used for different purposes in the cosmetic world. Now, with combining the sculpting power of liposuction with the volumizing capabilities of a fat transfer, you have the Brazilian Butt Lift.

And for those who wanted to achieve a lifted, more youthful appearance, there was the butt lift. Both of these procedures are effective and may be a good option depending on your body, but do not do the same things as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Traditionally, those who wanted to enhance the size of their buttocks only had the option of butt implants.

The results of a quality Brazilian Butt Lift are achieved in one session. The beauty of the methods used in the Brazilian Butt Lift is that you are simultaneously attaining a slimmer figure while also augmenting the size of the buttocks. You can accomplish two bodily goals in one procedure! This procedure will provide patients with a larger buttock, fuller shape, and curvaceous figure. If the goal is simply to treat sagging or excess skin around the lower body, then there are other more fitting procedures such as a traditional butt lift.


Those in the Pearland, Friendswood and surrounding areas who are unsatisfied with the size and roundness of their buttocks, or have asymmetry in their buttocks are ideal candidates for this procedure.

To ensure the best results and avoid any complications, prospective patients should already be in good physical health with no severe medical conditions. You should have reasonable expectations, meaning your expectations should be appropriate for your body and situation. It’s never a good idea to undergo any cosmetic treatment to fit the ideals or expectations of another person. It’s best if you are a non-smoker. If you are, you will be advised to stop smoking or taking anti-inflammatory medications at least a few weeks before the procedure because both of those can complicate the procedure.

Since the procedure involves fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, it’s ideal for patients to have “donor sites” that have ample amounts of fat stores. Good examples of these donor areas are the lower back or abdomen. Patients who have less body fat and are thin may benefit from the inclusion of butt implants.


A Brazilian Butt Lift is increasingly the favored option for patients and doctors alike because it offers excellent, long-lasting results. However, each patient has a unique situation and personal goals, so it is important to consider all the options.

Buttock implants are still a great option for those who are interested in more dramatic enhancements of the buttock size. Also, those who do not have enough fat in their donor sites due to a naturally slimmer body may benefit from the use of implants. There are advantages for each method that can be best determined during a consultation.


A Brazilian Butt Lift is an elegant combination of proven cosmetic techniques that consistently delivers great body sculpting and buttock augmentation results. There are a number of benefits and advantages to the Brazilian Butt Lift:

1. Autologous Fat – autologous fat is a term that describes fat from your own body. With this procedure, autologous fat is what is used to achieve a larger butt size. This has many benefits, such as a natural appearance and no risk of complications due to a foreign object in the body.

2. Fat Removal – since you are transferring your own fat, you have the opportunity to achieve sculpting of the donor areas of the body.

3. Long Lasting – the fat transfer process permanently removes the fatty tissue from the donor area and will remain sculpted as long as you maintain your weight. Also, the boost in size to the buttocks will remain for a long time.

4. Natural Appearance – with the use of autologous fat transfer, the results of the lift appear natural.

5. One Procedure – sculpting and augmentation are achieved in just one procedure!

6. Minimal to No Scarring – the techniques used for fat transfer are minimally invasive so, there are little to no scars and bruises left.


Pearwood Plastic Surgery - Brazillian Butt Lift

Your Brazilian Butt Lift procedure will be specifically tailored to your body and goals. The plan for your treatment will be discussed and determined ahead of time during your consultation. Generally speaking, there are four steps to the procedure: anesthesia, liposuction, fat transfer, and recovery.

General anesthesia is used to ensure that the patient experiences no discomfort during the procedure. A small incision is then made in an inconspicuous area near the fat donor site, usually the lower back, thighs or abdomen. A thin, hollow tube called a cannula is then inserted. The suction device connected to the cannula uses high power suction to extract and collect the fatty tissue. Sometimes, donor areas are located near the buttocks so that fat sculpting can sculpt the shape of the buttocks for more definition. The collected fat is processed and purified through a process called centrifugation.

For the fat transfer, the processed fat is placed in specialized cannulas or syringes to be carefully injected at various depths for a better absorption rate and shape. The injection process is as much of an art as it is technique, requiring care and experience to create a natural-looking enhancement.


Immediately after the procedure, you are in your recovery phase. You will be instructed on how to care for yourself and ensure you have the best results. Here is a quick reference list of the best practices:

  • The procedure is a minimally-invasive cosmetic surgical procedure, and you will need plenty of bed rest and fluids to help you recover during the first week.
  • Do not sit down directly on your buttocks for at least two weeks.
  • You’ll be given a compression garment that you will need to wear all day, every day for the first two weeks.
  • Give yourself at least two weeks off after the procedure.

It is vital that you avoid sitting down directly on your buttocks after the procedure. This can severely impact the final results of your procedure because the fat transfer needs time to settle. Even by the third week, you will need to sit on a specialized cushion to avoid placing too much pressure on your bottom. Do your best to rest on your stomach or side of your body.

Patients may experience some bruising or swelling immediately after the procedure. In that case that patients experience any discomfort during the healing process, a prescription for pain medication may be provided. Compression garments and light walks can help ease discomfort caused by swelling. You will be guided through this process and given time on when to follow up to check in our your recovery.



The price of the Brazilian Butt Lift will vary depending on each person’s situation, their body, and their overall goals. The best way to determine the cost and which options are best for you is through a consultation where you will meet with Dr. Murphy and his staff to discuss your goals. During this consultation, the doctor will evaluate the patient’s case and determine if this procedure is right for them.

Pearwood Plastic Surgery - Brazillian Butt Lift

He will mainly assess current health, medical history, and daily lifestyle to see if they are a candidate. If deemed fit, the patient will be able to schedule their procedure before leaving our office. They will also be provided with a custom quote for their Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

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