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Mommy Makeover

Dr. Murphy’s areas of expertise include procedures for the breast, hands, skin infections, facelifts and necks, eyelids, ears, vaginoplasty, Tendon repair, nerve repair, among countless others known as the Mommy Makeover. Dr. Murphy has performed countless procedures for women which include breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, and breast reductions.

Pregnancy can be one of the most defining and beautiful momentsof a woman’s life. It can reinvigorate a marriage and deliver an overall sense of responsibility to families. However, having a baby may also may have some of the most physically devastating effects on mothers. Since the past five years, mommy makeovers have delivered solutions to all mothers out there who may want to restore their beauty and bodies to their prime form. With mommy makeovers, mothers all over the world don’t have to settle for their post-childbearing body, which may have been changed by pregnancy and childbirth.

Mommy Makeover Procedures

Most notably, our specialized Mommy Makeover practice in Pearland, Texas allow for patients to enjoy their newest members of the family, without compromising their looks. Contact our office today to inform you about they revolutionary procedure of the mommy makeover.


Mommy Makeover Procedures

Mommy Makeover is the clever name given for a combination of breast and body procedures. These are the two areas of the body most affected by pregnancy. Since the dawn of time, women have been struggling with post birth effects. Besides many slide effects such as post-partum depression, hormone shifting, bleeding, and overall pain they may feel, they have had to suffer about their appearance changing as well. Fortunately, the “Mommy Makeover” procedure doesn’t make the effects of childbirth so devastating and catastrophic. Recently, many mothers have demanded the mommy makeover procedure.

Our patients, which include mothers, have goals to reshape and reconstruct their breasts and other parts of their body to correct the natural problems that may come from childbirth or pregnancy.

Mommy Makeovers are meant to treat the stress that is put on the mid-section during pregnancy. At times, this area can’t be changed with mere diet and exercise. This procedure typically includes a variety of treatments that mainly include the breast and stomach. Here are some of the following procedures that can fall under the “Mommy Makeover” category:

At Pearwood Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kevin Murphy will customize a treatment that agrees with your lifestyle, goals, and expectation. Our priority is to ensure optimal results, patient comfort and safety, and execute our procedures with professionalism and care.


However, new changes in your body can cause unexpected changes and turmoil into your life. A mommy makeover brings a mother’s turmoil to light and gives them a solution to problems that they have been forced to live for eternity.

Welcoming a new child into the world can be a blessing and life altering experience.

There is nothing wrong with mothers who want their old looks and lives back, and the modern-day advances in surgery give mothers that very chance. Restoring your old looks can increase confidence, health, and revitalize your sex-life with your spouse. Mothers spend all their time caring for a new life and deserve to treat themselves. A mommy makeover may make all the difference in your life.


Every mother is different, so a mommy makeover procedure is examined individually. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to meet your cosmetic goals and needs. Below are some of the following examples of mommy makeover procedures:


Pearwood Plastic Surgery - Breast Lift

One of the most crucial body part of a women’s identity are the breast, which end up taking the biggest toll during pregnancy and childbearing. One of the most occurring results of the breasts is known as ptosis, which is when true breasts sag. Ptosis can occur by age, weight, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

This procedure solves sagging breasts by making an incision around the nipples and has minimal recovery time, which is a huge advantage for mothers. The procedure typically takes a couple of hours and allows you to return to your child caring responsibilities and normal life in no time. Mothers who want to be able to wear some of their old clothes again and have a desire to regain their old vanity without compromising motherhood may find a breast lift to be the ideal option.


Mothers whose breast size have increased during pregnancy, then decrease after breastfeeding may need more advanced treatment on their breasts and find that a breast lift is not enough. In these cases, a breast augmentation may help them achieve their goals. A breast augmentation consists of increasing the size of the breasts through using implants.

Pearwood Plastic Surgery - Breast Lift

The patient has many options to choose from when considering a breast augmentation. Some of the things they can choose from include the size, shape, texture, location of the incision and placement of the implant, among others. This procedure is meant for mothers who want their pre-baby breastsback, and the Pearwood Plastic Surgery Center can help you explore your breast augmentation options and so that we may ensure maximum results and comfort.


Pearwood Plastic Surgery - Labiaplasty

Tummy tucks are the only solution for mothers who are looking to slim down in frame. Pregnancy stretches the abdominal areas, creating inevitable and stubborn stretching of the skin and muscles. Once stretching occurs, it becomes nearly impossible to return to your desired form by mere exercise and diet.

A tummy tuck may be ideal for patients who struggle with a saggy waistline or intense weight gain in the stomach area. A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, can resolve these issues that may seem to be impossible for women. The surgeon will stitch the muscles and remove extra skin and can be combined with a liposuction, if extra fat needs to be removed. Tighter muscles and removing extra skin can result in defined abs and a slimmer frame.


Some patients may require even more than one procedure to restore their breasts. A breast lift can provide the former shape and perkiness of breast before childbearing, and augmentations can increase their size. Patients who want to restore their breast size and perkiness may find that the breast augmentation with a breast lift may be their best option. There is no need to worry, as both of these procedures can be performed at the same time without compromising any safety. Only one dose of anesthesia can be performed for both surgeries, and patients may find it more beneficial to recover for one leaguer procedure, rather than 2 separate ones. Our office can help you discover whether a joint procedure or a separate one is better for you.


Liposuction can be a real solution for mothers who have extra fat in their bodies, as a result of pregnancy. Liposuction may be able to treat excess fat in the following areas:

  • Abs
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Buttocks
  • Underarms
  • Breast
  • Chin
  • Waistline

Some fat may be stubborn after pregnancy and can be ideal for mothers who aren’t seeing results with diet and exercise. A liposuction may be performed with other revitalizing procedures with the most comfort and safety.


It is important that if you are interested in a Mommy Makeover, that a consultation is scheduled at our office. During your consultation. We will perform a thorough and detailed examination on your body. You will then provide us with any effects motherhood has had on you and what your goals are. We will then strategize and come up with a plan that benefits you the most. Contact us today, so that we can help you achieve your goals and get back to motherhood.


Recovery after any procedure can serve to be more vital than any the actual procedure of itself. Below are some recovery tips for the following procedures:


Breasts lifts have immediate results, but driving isn’t recommended and be sure not to sleep on your stomach for a few days. Dr. Murphy will give you a customized recovery plan that will help you recovery easy and fast.



Patients who undergo a breast augmentation can return to work in 3-5 days after the procedure. Swelling is normal and will disappear in a few weeks. Results will be seen immediately.



Recovering from a breast augmentation with a breast lift can mean a longer recovery time, since it’s more than one procedure done at a time.vere swelling may occur but will decrease after a few weeks. Scarring will fade after a few weeks and you should gradually be able to return to your normal routine after a few weeks.



After a tummy tuck procedure, patients will feel discomfort but after a few weeks, the patients should be able to return to their normal life.



Recovery time will depend on the areas in which the procedures take place. A compression garment must be worn for around 14 days after the procedure unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Murphy. Liposuction will only be held at its prime depending on the patient’s lifestyle. Exercise an diets need to be performed regularly in order for these results to be maintained.


The prices of a Mommy Makeover depend on the individual and their goals. An estimate of price will be provided by Dr. Murphy at your consultation, after we perform a comprehensive examination. Call us today to get started!

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