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Thigh Lift

Do you struggle with jiggly thighs and loose skin? Fitness efforts and dieting do not always help us achieve the appearance we are striving for. These efforts may prove especially difficult when our goal is to achieve firm thighs. Frustrated by loose skin along your upper legs? You may want to consider a surgical thigh lift.


A thigh lift surgery helps to reshape and slim the thighs by reducing excess fat, skin and creating a smoother texture that blends in with the contours of the lower body. A thigh lift often boosts the confidence of the patient. You should look and feel your best! Pearwood Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your ideal appearance after one treatment.


Thigh lifts improve the texture of the skin along the upper leg and will improve the proportions of your body. You deserve to feel confident wearing shorts, swimsuits, and skirts!

A thigh lift is a good solution for adult men and women frustrated by the appearance of their thighs. An ideal candidate will have:

  • A stable weight
  • Excessive tissue along their inner or outer thigh
  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Control over their smoking habits
  • No pre-existing health conditions that will negatively affect their recovery

Patients who are considering a thigh lift should have a realistic understanding and expectation for the outcomes of this procedure. Are you interested in how a thigh lift will improve your appearance, we encourage you to reach out to our offices today and schedule a consultation!


In your personal consultation with Dr. Murphy, you will get the opportunity to share your expectations for a thigh lift procedure and how this treatment pertains to the aesthetic you are striving for. Dr. Murphy will listen and ask questions to develop a good understanding of what your goals are. He will examine your thighs, take measurements, test your skin elasticity and take photographs.

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This information along with understanding your general health, allergies, past procedures, and medication regimen will help Dr. Murphy understand if a thigh lift is the best solution for you. He may suggest alternative options that will better achieve your desired appearance.

Dr. Murphy will walk you through the thigh lift surgery, the potential risks, and the expected outcome. He will also instruct you on how to prepare and ensure a healthy recovery. Dr. Murphy and you will work together to create a treatment plan that takes your health and unique anatomy into consideration. We encourage our patients to ask lots of questions during their consultation, such as:

  • How long of a recovery period can I expect?
  • Do you have before-and-after photos I can look at for this procedure?
  • What will be needed for me to achieve a healthy, beautiful outcome?
  • Recommended surgical technique for my particular case?
  • Will I need help during my recovery?
  • Where is surgery performed?
  • How can I expect my thighs to appear over time?

It may help to write your questions down and bring them with you to your consultation. Our goal is to inform our patients so they can be confident in their choice. If you have any questions and concerns not answered in your consultation, please give us a call so one of our expert staff members can assist you.


Prior to the surgery, you will want to adjust your current medications and stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs or herbal medications that will increase your chances of bleeding. Smoking habits must be temporarily paused for a few weeks before and after the procedure to ensure a healthy recovery.

Arrangements will need to be made for someone to pick you up after the treatment and drive you home. Someone will also need to stay with you the first night of your recovery.

On the morning of your procedure, we suggest you wear loose clothing that can removed without applying pressure to the incision sites.


The surgical team will greet you when you arrive for your procedure. They will prepare you for surgery by cleaning your skin and marking predetermined incision sites. General anesthesia and sedation will be administered intravenously to help you have a relaxing treatment. Once the sedation has taken effect and you are asleep, Dr. Murphy will apply the incisions. Incision patterns will depend on the amount of surface area being treated and the degree of correction preferred.


If you are receiving an inner thigh lift, Dr. Murphy may apply an incision along the groin that extends downward and continues around to the back of the thigh. Another technique involves an incision along the inseam of the top of the inner thigh to the knee. You may also be a candidate for a minimal incision inner thigh lift; this requires an incision to be made only in the groin area through which skin and excess tissue can be removed.


An outer thigh lift may include incisions along the groin, hip and across the back. The number of incisions will relate to the amount of improvement you prefer. Dr. Murphy will determine which incisions will provide you with the best results. He will work gently and use advanced techniques to help hide the incision scars by clothes, like swimsuits.

When the necessary incisions have been made, Dr. Murphy will remove excess tissue, distribute remaining tissue and trim any extra skin. He will then sculpt the thighs to enhance your figure and restore proportion to your body. Dr. Murphy may place sutures deep within the thighs to help them form to their new contours and to help support the new shape. The surface incisions will be closed with sutures that will be removed at a later date.

This procedure may take two to three hours.


Dr. Murphy will prescribe medications to control any discomfort. Do not subject incisions to force, abrasion or intense motion during the recovery period.

Upon leaving your procedure, your incision sites will be swollen, bruised and tender.

Bandages will have been applied to your incisions and small, thin tubes will be placed under the skin in certain incisions to help the natural flow of excess fluids. These drains are temporary and will be removed at a follow-up appointment with Dr. Murphy. Dr. Murphy or a helpful staff member will instruct you on how to care for surgical sites when you can return to exercising and showering. To ensure you are healing well, our staff will schedule a follow-up appointment shortly after your surgery. At this time, Dr. Murphy will remove drains, sutures and inspect the incision sites.

The improvements of your treatment will be immediately noticeable and will improve in the following weeks of your recovery. It will take a few months for the swelling and bruising to settle and for your thighs to have completely adjusted to their new shape.

Following Dr. Murphy’s instructions will help you have a safe, productive recovery.

Any scars will fade with time and your results will be long-lasting. To ensure consistency in the appearance of your thighs, you will want to maintain a healthy weight and stay active.


Liposuction techniques are often combined with a thigh lift procedure to remove excess fat and provide additional contouring. At Pearwood Plastic Surgery, we offer our patients a wide selection of liposuction procedures to treat their variety of needs.


Tumescent liposuction inserts a diluted solution of lidocaine and epinephrine into the treatment area. This solution is a local anesthetic and allows for the patient to stay awake during the procedure, eliminating the need for intravenous sedation. Injected solution into the subcutaneous fat layer and causes the fat to swell and become firm. This allows for the fat cells to be easily removed and reduces blood loss. With a reduction in blood loss and trauma to the tissue, your procedure will be quick and recovery time will be minimal.

This liposuction technique is very popular and has been in use and tested for over three decades, proving it as a safe treatment to remove fat.


Power-assisted liposuction, PAL, is an innovation of the traditional technique of liposuction. Surgeons previously have to use a gentle back-and-forth movement to remove fat cells. This technique is falling out of favor because it often results in a significant amount of trauma to the tissue. PAL implements a specialized automated cannula that moves on its own to efficiently remove excess fat from the treatment area.


This form of liposuction, also known as UAL, is a cutting-edge technique. Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction utilizes tumescent fluids in the subcutaneous fat layer and builds off that innovation.

UAL uses a specialized cannula that emulsifies the fatty layer with ultrasound energy. The combination of tumescent fluids and ultrasound energy makes the removal of fat cells simple and quick.

This technique speeds up the procedure and benefits the patient with minimal downtime.


Laser-assisted liposuction implements laser technology to melt fat cells and allow for easy removal. Inserted through tiny incisions to reduce fat deposits but will also work to strengthen and tighten the skin. This technique uses precision technology to reduce the desired fat deposits without damaging surrounding areas. This treatment is safe, efficient and capable of slimming down areas all over the body.


Dr. Murphy understands that each patient has a unique set of goals and a one-of-a-kind figure. His goal is to tailor a treatment plan that addresses your concerns while enhancing the natural curves of your body. A thigh lift will improve your body’s symmetry and slim down your thighs!

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