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AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE AND OUTCOME - Pearwood Plastic Surgery - Dr. Kevin Murphy


He performed my skin and nipple sparing mastectomy reconstruction. The outcome is incredible! From our first visit, he made me feel very comfortable and took the time to explain everything. He told me he would do his best and he did. I had previous breast augmentation in 2004. I was not satisfied with the work, but I lived with it. As I had my last child in my 40’s, my breast became unsymmetrical. My right completely deformed and larger than the left. I had trouble with bras and bikini tops. The right was exposed while the left breast was hidden. I had the mastectomy followed by insertion of expanders.

The process was not as bad as I anticipated. His team took their time and went at my pace. I had the expanders in for 5 months. We both felt it was time to do the reconstruction with high profile silicone implants. I had so much trust and faith in Dr. Murphy that I told him I was comfortable with whatever decision he needed to make while I was in surgery for the best outcome. I was quite worried they wouldn’t look or feel like my natural given breasts. To my pleasant surprise, they are now symmetrical, feel real, and look fantastic. A mastectomy is scary, but with Dr. Kevin Murphy on your side, it becomes easier to cope with it. Please remember that your life is important and make your decisions based on that. After you decide reconstruction is your way to go, please consider Dr. Kevin Murphy as your plastic surgeon! If he can work a miracle on my breasts, I can only imagine what he can do in other areas! Dr. Murphy will always have my gratitude and appreciation. God puts people in our paths and I know Dr. Murphy was meant to be in mine. I constantly get compliments from people who know my journey. I always tell them, Dr. Kevin Murphy is the best!!!



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